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Grayson Prewett
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Last Friday, our lives changed.


We were sent to children’s Dallas and told he had a tumor and surgery was on Monday. Many of us, including myself, were all just holding our breath for Grayson to make it out of surgery. No one prepared me for the day after and I was hit hard. Grayson at this moment can’t talk and has a feeding tube. BUT he has gotten so strong over the last couple of days. He is lifting his left arm all over the place and moving both legs around.

We got two major updates today.


The first one was that we will not be leaving the hospital until he can do 3 hours of therapy a day. And after that we will be going to a in house therapy center (rehab) so that he can get stronger.


The second update made everything real for me. This whole time I knew what his diagnosis was. I was on google despite what drs told me not to do, but I thought someone was going to wake me up any min from all of this. We sat down with an oncologist and he said Grayson has brain cancer. And at that moment it became real.

Our child has cancer.


There is no way we would have made it through this last week without so much support from our family and friends. Our community. Our people. Our tribe. Thank you for your prayers, texts, calls, showing up, holding me when all I could do is cry, sitting with us, taking care of Emmy and the list JUST CONTINUES ON. I know we will BEAT this if we all are in this fight together



Grayson and his family's lives have been forever changed when they were given the sudden and inexplicably hard news that Grayson has brain cancer. Please show your support to the family by donating to his IndiFund.
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